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Our Story

We are two students that have been working hard on all of our projects and we would like to share our projects with you. All of our projects you are free to use in any way you would like and if you find any errors or bug feel free to contact us. This site serves as a place to find infrmation about all our open source content.

Open Public Secure These are the three tenats of open source, open secure and public. Open source code is public open and secure because it is avaliable for anyone to test download or modify. If you want to see our code use the button below to view all our GitHub pages.

Our four latest projects

Discord Bot A discord bot that uses the github API to return info about users

discord bot

Kerbal Kontroller Docs + Source code for building your own custom KSP controller

Kerbal Kontroller

Joke maker chrome extension A chrome extension that generates silly jokes

Joke Maker

HD Projects API An API to return our latest blog posts, this will be integrated into our app where you can keep up to date with the latest HD Projects news

HD projects API

We maintain a blog that we update often with the latest news. Look at the blog page if you want to know of our latest projects.

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We have been working hard and to keep open source projects alive but we need donations pay for server power, domain hosting, hardware, and sotware to create the open source projects.

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Check out our latest projects! Currently we are working on a bunch of KSP mods and a really cool discord bot that integrates with the github API to fetch info about users.

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Inspect our code, join the revolution of open source

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